Restructuring advisory is provided when the business activities of the client are facing financial troubles (expected recurring scenario in the near future due to deterioration of economic context).

In these cases recurring scenario is the progressive allocation of a growing portion of personal resources to the troubled business by the clients. And most common result is the failure of self-made restructurings and the lost of a great portion of personal resources.

The sooner these situations are identified, the higher the chances of success of a turnaround process and the lower losses for the clients.

Our Restructuring advisory services include:

  • Comparative analysis and identification of the best procedure for the restructuring (several appealing tools are available under Italian law)
  • Preparation of the restructuring plan (financial & industrial)
  • Assessment (“attestazione”) of the plan pursuant to Italian law
  • Negotiations with stakeholders (lenders, employees, suppliers, Tax & social security agencies)
  • Access to capital markets to find new finance, to find buyers for no-core assets to be dismissed pursuant to the plan, if needed, etc.