Protection of intellectual property, in its wider meaning (patents, trademarks, industrial design and know-how) is a key driver for Italian and foreign companies.

Intangibles represent a key distinctive asset that grant a “tangible” competitive advantage over other operators in the same business area. Protection of such intangible values is a key condition for the success on the global markets and our advisory is capable to guide operators into the most appropriate ways and legal strategies to protect such assets.

Our firm has reached a relevant skill and experience in this area, in particular our advisory concerns the registration procedures (patents & trademarks), contractual (e.g. licences, transfer of intangibles, etc.), in strict cooperation with leading business advisors in intellectual property.

We have also achieved specific competences in the court litigations deriving from breaches of intellectual property rights, as well as in the area of unfair competition.

Business sectors where we are mainly involved are:

  • Automotive
  • Mechanics
  • Furnitures
  • Bio-medical
  • Start-ups